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Our medical fund is radically different from the traditional approach and relevant to the prevailing social circumstances of both corporate clients and individuals.

The fund allows clients to save and enjoy investment income at the same time having access to high quality medical services without having to worry about financial resources during the time of sickness. The fund is registered with the Ministry of Health as per requirements of the Medical Services Regulations (2000).

MSF Surprises admitted members

First Mutual Medical Savings Fund continues to interact with members further to the Wellness Outreaches that are held in various cities countrywide at selected times.

In an ongoing exercise, this time MSF staff made visits to 3 hospitals in Harare, for surprise visits to its admitted members at that time. Admitted members received Get Well cards or fruit packs in the spirit of wishing them a speedy recovery. Gauging by the response, the gesture went a long way in uplifting members’ spirits and promoting good will.


About Insomnia:Causes and Remedies


Just what exactly is insomnia - one might ask.

Insomnia is repeated difficulty in getting to sleep, staying asleep or getting enough good quality sleep, despite adequate opportunity, which leads to some form of impairment of performance or well being during the daytime, writes Dr Rob Hicks of BBC Health.

If it occurs regularly or over a long period of time, it's called chronic insomnia. Read more ......




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