First Mutual Health Launches Health Mobile App

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The Health Mobile APP simplifies a burdensome complex process during a stressful time for most people. It also supports effective claims processing and improved patient outcomes.


A leading health insurance company in Zimbabwe, First Mutual Health (FMHC), yesterday launched a new mobile app that brings its members convenient and easy access to; emergency and key contact details, information regarding their policy statements, benefits, and savings balances.

The app, which is available on both android and iOS platforms enables users to submit a query, confirm if your doctor is charging within the scheme rates or if you will have a co-payment, submit claims and view all recent interactions between a member and FMHC. Including records of interactions with contact centre agents and recent statements.

“The First Mutual Health Mobile Application is a very important initiative and it’s an application that we devised to assist our members in a number of ways. It’s our way of digitising our processes and making it convenient for our customers,” said said the National Sales and Marketing Manager – First Mutual Health – Matipedza Lole at the launch event.

stamford sisya






First Mutual Health, General Manager Stanford Sisya.

Designed on 2Cana’s Health Information Platform, The First Mutual Health mobile app improves efficiency, enables FMHC to manage risk better, at the same time enhancing customer service and .

“As first mutual health we are pretty excited about the mobile application that we have launched, it’s going to empower members and also make it very convenient to members in terms of accessing treatment and also help the industry in curbing fraud,’’ stated the First Mutual Health, General Manager Stanford Sisya.

“For us we want to reduce the pain for our members, we want to make it easy for them to access treatment. It’s about service to make it swift. When you are not feeling well you always want to ensure that you have got ease access to treatment,” he added.

Through using the app members can immediately confirm what is payable and the member can actually be told whether a service is available or not. The system also interacts with a member such that a member will be able to track their global limit in real time; what they have used for treatment and the balance that is remaining, whether they have exhausted their global limit or not.

The App will also allow FMHC to get real time feedback in terms of processing the claims that come through from their members and make it convenient for the members to actually access drugs or any services at the various service providers instantaneously.



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The App also acts as an audit trail whereby members can track what was treated, where they were treated and what was charged. And alert FMHC is there are any discrepancies. The fact that patients will have access to interactions between service providers and FMHC will ensure that they can ensure that claims are submitted for the correct treatments.

Members can also send through information via the application, like if they want to change details or if they want to add or subtract beneficiaries. Members can also submit queries through the app.

“That is all happening there through the application, it’s a good thing because members are also in control,” Stanford Sisya said.

By placing members at the centre of their healthcare experience, the First Mutual Health Mobile App is enriching the member-provider experience and helping systems meet the challenges of today’s healthcare environment.

“For us we are pretty happy with the developments and we continue to innovate. We also believe that our members are instrumental in developing our solutions because we need to address their concerns as we are developing these solutions,” Stanford Sisya concluded.

You can download the First Mutual Health Mobile App for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store 

Here’s a video illustration of how to register on the app:

First Mutual Health Mobile App Register Via Email

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